Our team has extensive experience in solving the most complex orthodontic-surgical cases (orthognathic surgery). This type of surgery involves a joint effort by the orthodontist and maxillofacial surgeon and is required in therapy when the jawbone is positioned in a way that hinders or impedes good results with just orthodontic treatment.

Sometimes orthodontic therapy for children but more often for adult patients, requires a multidisciplinary approach. We believe that such an approach is very important for the patient's well-being and the treatment. Patients often come on the recommendation of a colleague, which reflects our excellent cooperation with the dentists and dental specialists of all branches.

Multidisciplinary approach to the orthodontic treatment involves cooperation and consultations with specialists in dentistry, most often with your own general dentist. In this way, through the team collaboration, we solve the patient's problem in the best possible way or keep it under the control during the orthodontic treatment.



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