Crowding – How can a fixed appliance and healthy teeth extraction obtain you a nicer smile?– ORTO4U

Straightening the teeth with fixed appliances requires detailed and precise testing, which most often indicates the inability to position the teeth in the available space of the jaw (the so-called crowding), while a nicer smile is the result of proper long-term treatment and comes at the end. Extensive testing is required to diagnose crowding. They

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Frontal Crossbite and forced bite – Treatment -ORTO4U

What does crossbite of front teeth mean ? The shown interposition of the upper and lower teeth is conditioned by retroinclined crowns of the upper front teeth inwards. Such a situation results that the lower jaw is in the protruded position when biting. What is affected by crossbite and forced bite? When the jaw is

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How to treat anterior open bite ?

What does open bite mean ? The inability to touch the front teeth at bite is defined as the open bite at the front. The case presented manifests a prolonged face and open bite in the frontal segment combined with lacking of space in the dental arches. How does using fixed appliance improve the aesthetics

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Gingival smile

A drastic difference in smile has been achieved by the orthodontic treatment. The patient was under the treatment with a fixed appliance together with the additional wearing of J-HOOKs.         A pronounced gingival smile (gummy smile)                                  Compensated

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A deep bite as a result of the teeth position

  The case presented was diagnosed as a deep bite of dental origin. This actually means that the bone structure relationships are completely correct and that the clinical picture presented is caused solely by the arrangement of the teeth. The therapeutic result could be achieved by extracting the first premolars in the upper and second

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Deficient profile and retracted lower jaw – Treatment – ORTO4U

BEFORE THE TREATMENT The patient has a pronounced deficient profile with a retracted lower jaw. The teeth accordingly have no harmonized occlusal contact. AFTER THE TREATMENT The therapy was conducted by fixed appliance, and by the use of extraoral forces for a period of two and a half years. The profile has been significantly improved.

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Is it necessary to extract the teeth for orthodontic reasons ?

In patients with true crowding (lack of space for placing the permanent teeth in the available bone space), the therapeutic procedure is to reduce the number of permanent teeth. Often in orthodontic practice for the patient, such a treatment plan is surprising and raises a number of questions. Here are some of the answers :

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