In most situations, your own feeling will tell you which food to avoid. The rule is that hard food, sticky food and sugary food should be avoided. Hard food can break and destroy the brackets, while sticky food can get stuck between the brackets and the wire. Therefore, we advise you to reduce your intake of sugary food as it can damage your teeth and cause problems. Biting nails, pencils and other strange objects should also be avoided.

The examples of sticky food that should be avoided :

  • chewing gums ( with or without sugar )
  • sweets
  • sugar candies
  • toffee (caramels)
  • crunchy seets
  • caramels

Examples of hard food that should be avoided:

  • ice
  • hazelnuts
  • baguette (crust)
  • sweet corn
  • apples and carrots (except in small slices)
  • crisps
  • hard pastry
  • Jolly Rancher sweets
  • pizza crust
  • fresh hard vegetables (carrot etc.)

Reduce the intake of sweet food:

  • cakes
  • ice-cream
  • biscuits
  • pies
  • sweets

Just once a day you can consume:

  • soda
  • sweetened tea
  • beverages with sugar

It is important that you regularly monitor your appliances, brackets, wires, bands. Keep an eye out for any lost/broken wires and brackets and contact us.

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