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What are Mini Implants in Orthodontics?

When the patients hear of this name for the first time, they most often imagine the implant on which the crown is made, replacing the lost tooth. However, it is something completely different. Mini implants are used in orthodontics as an essential aid in moving the teeth in the desired direction. They are designed to

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What the Patient Needs to Know after Removing the Fixed Appliance ?

After removing fixed appliance wearing some of the movable, so-called. retention appliances (retainers) that preserve the obtained results is compulsory. Retention appliances are actively worn for another year, controls are scheduled every 3 months, and then both the wearing of the appliance and the number of controls are being gradually reduced depending on the nature

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Appliance for Correcting the Teeth with Children

  Properly positioned teeth and nice and wide smile are important for your child’s overall health, but they are also important factors for his or her self-confidence and social trust. In order to achieve the most acceptable function of all the bone, teeth and muscular structures of the face, it is important that your child

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Periodontal Disease and Orthodontics – Treatment – ORTO4U

The increasingly demanding postulates of facial aesthetics are becoming an important reason why adult patients choose to be treated with fixed orthodontic appliances. Orthodontic therapy is not only important for a beautiful smile, but also for the benefit of the entire oral system. More and more adult patients are opting for the orthodontic treatment. Our

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Od čega zavisi cena ortodontskog

  In order to determine the cost of the orthodontic appliance for the patient, it is important to make a diagnosis first (determine the nature of the orthodontic problem) and make a treatment plan. Most often it is necessary to make photo documentation, make plaster models and analyze X-rays , OPT and lateral cephalograms (the

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For How long will I have to Wear Fixed Appliance ?

Fixed appliance – how long is being worn Teeth movement happens gradually and in a controlled manner, which is why the orthodontic therapy is relatively long-lasting. The duration of therapy with fixed orthodontic appliances is individual and usually lasts from 12 to 36 months. Patients come to the appliance controls every 4 to 8 weeks,

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How are the Teeth being Moved Through the Bone – ORTO4U

Patients often ask us how do the teeth move through the bone? Will there be a gap in the jaws when removing the teeth for orthodontic reasons? The answers to these questions can be found in the short text we have prepared for you. The teeth are constantly moving throughout the life due to the

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How does a day in which the patient removes the fixed appliance look like

Aktivno lečenje fiksnim aparatom traje najčešće između 14 i 24 meseca. Ponekad je potrebno i više vremena da bismo ostvarili maksimalno dobre rezultate. Sam proces skidanja aparata organizuje se u jednoj poseti i nije bolan. Nakon skidanja fiksnog aparata, uzima se otisak za izradu retencionog aparata koji služi za očuvanje postignutih rezultata ortodontske terapije.

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How does the Fixed Appliance Correct the Teeth

The goal of the orthodontic therapy is not only aesthetics, to make crooked teeth straight and to position them properly in relation to the individual facial physiognomy, but properly positioned teeth are of great importance for the health of the entire organism, jaw, muscles, and surrounding dental tissue. Properly positioned teeth in the jaw and

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