How to improve the aesthetics of the face with a fixed appliance?

Deep bite with the patient is manifested when looking at the teeth themselves, but also through the construction of the face, which shows smaller lower third part of it. Studying the profile indicates the retraction of the lower jaw towards the back, compared to other facial structures. Gingiva (gums) is also present at a maximum smile.

The aim of treatment:

1) Achieving  bite harmony when the patient closes the mouth and at function
2) Annulment of the gingival smile
3) Improving face profile
4) Stability of the obtained results

Achieving the presented results involves the use of a fixed appliance and a special technique for directing the orthodontic forces (Tweed technique)

After removal of the fixed appliance, a mandatory part of the therapeutic procedure is to wear a retention device to stabilize the obtained results .


After active treatment with fixed appliances, the mandatory part of the orthodontic procedure is the use of retention appliances. The orthodontist determines the type of appliance the patient should use, as well as the way it should be worn. The aim of such a procedure is to completely reorganize the biological processes in the bone and to keep the teeth in the desired positions. The average retention time is one year. The design of the appliance can be one of those shown in the photos, and maintenance is most often done with the use of denture-washing tablets purchased at the pharmacy.

After active treatment with fixed appliances (usually with adult patients), retention may be in the form of a special wire applied to the inner surfaces of the lower front teeth (fixed retainer). In that case, the patient cannot remove it.


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